Dreamlife Photos & Video are a wedding photography company with studios based in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. They create videos and photos of the highest quality, combining traditional techniques as well as digital manipulation. They put an emphasis on balancing the time-tested beauty of still photography with high definition films. With expert staff and state of the art equipment, Dreamlife has created tangible memories for hundreds of happy couples.

Below are some of the reasons why you should choose Dreamlife Photographers for your wedding photography.

    Wedding Photography BrisbaneCustomisation 

    Dreamlife Photos & Video have a number of packages for you to choose from, but are willing to alter these or make a totally new one to suit your needs. You can choose how you want the photos done, where, how many and whether you want videography as well. Their ability to tailor to your needs makes Dreamlife Photos & Video a one stop shop saving time and money.

    Videography and photography

    Don’t worry about finding different companies for photography and then videography, come to Dreamlife and get both. Their photographers and videographers work together to complement each other’s work so you get better results than with separate companies using each format.

    High resolution files

    When you receive your photos, you will get the finished product, as well as high resolution photography files and raw video footage. This is handy for sending pictures overseas, or if you want to do your own editing or look at the footage unaltered.

    Variety of printing options

    Unlike some photography companies, Dreamlife have a wide range of options for how you want your photos to be presented. Whether you want them printed on canvas, acrylic, in a frame, an album or anything else Dreamlife has an option to suit you. They can even give advice on what option would best suit your home.

So, choose Dreamlife Photos & Video for your wedding photography in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. They can capture the special and beautiful memories of your wedding day so you have them on your wall for years to come. Take a look at their wedding section online for more information and contact details.

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