Your wedding is the biggest day of your life. It is the time when you become one with your partner, sharing your life and your responsibilities with the other person, allowing them to shoulder your problems alongside you. Capturing this time in film is an important part of this special day. Hiring a professional wedding photographer, although expensive, has many benefits over doing it yourself.

Here are some reasons why:

Experience and expertise

A professional wedding photographer, like those at Dreamlife Photos & Video, has the skills and experience to ensure professional and beautiful photos every time. They know how to set up a photo, how to get the right angles and shots, what kind of lighting is needed and how to edit and manipulate the photo afterwards, if necessary. Although you may have a little knowledge and some basic skills, this will be limited and could result in very few photos you actually like and want to have on your wall.


The right equipment can make all the difference. The average person usually has access to their camera phone, a digital camera and perhaps a basic SLR. However, very few have all the professional equipment needed for professional wedding photography like what you can see in a magazine. A professional wedding photography company will have the right camera, accessories and tools, like light boxes, tripods and camera extras to make the most of your big day.


You don’t want your guests to be spending their time taking photos for your sake, nor do you want to get someone important to be behind the camera rather than in front and in the photo. With a professional wedding photographer, their only role is to capture your wedding. Their focus is solely on getting good shots for you to put on your walls.

Dreamlife Photos & Video are experts in wedding photography. Our team of professional wedding photographers use their remarkable skill sets to produce a harmonious blend of wedding photographic styles that ensure your wedding photos capture the sentiments of your wedding day as well as making sure that no group photo pose or location that is important to you is missed. Contact Dreamlife’s wedding photography studios in Melbourne, Brisbane or Sydney to discuss how one of our professional wedding photographers can assist you.

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