The dress has been picked, the flower arrangements confirmed, the invites have been sent and the menu has been chosen. You’re about to pick a photographer, but have you ever thought of getting someone who can not only take beautiful photos, but also make a beautiful film to go with it? Photography is essential for capturing those precious moments forever, but a video can capture them exactly as they happened in a way a photo cannot. At Dreamlife Photos & Video, you can get exquisite photos and videos to look back on for years to come.

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Dreamlife Photos & Video are a photography and videography company that specialise in portrait and wedding photography in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. They believe that good photos are essential and forever but also that high definition film making is the way of the future, with the ability to let everyone you love – whether they were there or not – see your special day. Their expert photographers can help create a one-of-a-kind video to showcase your union to your best friend.

A photo is worth a thousand words, but a video can actually show it. Dreamlife’s wedding videos are shot, directed and edited by their staff to show the best moments of your wedding in a professional and artistic way, highlighting your personalities and love. Whether your wedding is on the beach, at a church, on the water or in your backyard, Dreamlife Photos & Video can film it to suit your needs and vision.

For beautiful footage of your wedding, check out wedding photography and videography specialist Dreamlife Photos & Video. They do wedding photography and videography from Brisbane down to Sydney and offer videography packages between four hours and all day that come with DVDs, highlight reels and live footage so you can share your film with people all over the world.

Invest in one of Dreamlife Photo & Video’s packages for your wedding so you can relive your perfect day over and over again.

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