Family portraits have been around for hundreds of years. In the past, a family photo or portrait showed off a family’s status and solidarity, representing their ability to continue the bloodline and pass on their wealth to the next in line. These days, a family photo is a lot more about love and a lot less about wealth.

While a portrait photo in a studio does look lovely and a qualified portrait photographer is skilled at making any situation and location look stunning and professional, injecting some life into a family portrait photo is a great way to create something to last a lifetime and express your family’s personality and style. Whether you get your portrait photography done in Melbourne, Brisbane or halfway across the world, capturing a moment in time will enhance the memories and feelings of that time.


There is nothing wrong with a studio portrait photo, but going on location can add another element to a family portrait. You may want to host the portrait photo in your own backyard, a favourite family location or somewhere you go on holidays every year. Whatever you choose, make sure it represents your family and your professional portrait photographer will do the rest.


This can range from favourite toys and special jewellery to the clothing colours you wear or how you style your hair. Getting your family to dress or style themselves similarly or bring an item that is precious to them can make a photo unique to not only your family, but the time it was taken, so the photo is a true snapshot of the time.


Portrait photography, particularly with a larger number of people, needs to have some kind of focus. You want it to be simple but clever. While you want it to show your family in their true colours, it is important the photo isn’t overloaded with information. Stick to one or two interesting things about your family to show your relationships and style.

Dreamlife Photography aims to offer their clients a customised experience, turning your memories into photos that will stand the test of time. Visit Dreamlife Photos & Video online or head into our any of our photography studios in Melbourne, Sydney or Brisbane to book your portrait photography session.

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