One of the first things many parents want to do as their child grows is record their development on film. Newborn photography is very popular and many professional photography companies offer special deals for charting their steps in life. However, there are a number of things to consider when choosing a portrait photographer to snap your child:

Are they friendly?

If they’re happy, so is your baby! A friendly photographer will do wonders in getting a great shot of your baby. It is important the portrait photographer taking photos of your baby has plenty of experience with children and knows how to get those money shots. No one wants photos of baby crying and looking distressed. Ask the portrait photographer to show you their previous work and ask if they work well with children and animals.

Do they offer reasonable prices or a special package?

Most good portrait photography companies are expensive. But with nappies, formula, bills and other baby needs coming first, finding the money for a photography session with bub can be hard. Look for a professional photography company who offer deals for certain packages or one that has a special package specifically for children.

Will they go on location?

While studio photos do look nice, sometimes it helps to have a familiar location and the portrait photographer to come to you when taking baby snaps. This can make it easier on you and bub and help create an atmosphere the studio cannot. Most good professional photography companies will go on location for a photography session.

Dreamlife Photos & Video is the perfect company to help you keep record of your child from birth and beyond. With our Growing Up Package, you can save hundreds of dollars to get those important moments in time recorded forever.

Dreamlife Photos & Video specialise in portrait photography in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and beyond. Look up Dreamlife Photos & Video online or visit one of our professional portrait photography studios in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne to find out more.

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