Glamour or boudoir photography is a form of portrait photography that focuses on the subject, often a woman, highlighting their natural features in an artistic and flattering way to make them appear “glamorous”. While it has previously been considered as something kept in men’s magazines, it is now a more modest, humble art that explores the nature of the human form and using a variety of stylistic techniques to highlight the model. The imagery in a glamour photo is often considered sensual and luxurious and is a popular choice for modelling portfolios, couples and those who want to do something a little more out of the box.

Glamour photography is a great way to show a little more without giving it all away. This is why they are so popular for couples as presents to each other or for a glamour photoshoot together. Many models posing for glamour photography pose semi-nude, draping scarves or sheets to highlight certain parts of their bodies while obscuring others, as well as wearing lingerie or underwear. It is about looking beautiful and confident, without being rude or inappropriate. A professional portrait photographer will create a beautiful shot you can show not only your partner or friends, but also your family.

Another reason people choose to get glamour or boudoir photography done is the way it can make them feel about themselves. Some people enjoy glamour photography sessions because the images can make them feel better about themselves and their bodies by illustrating their natural beauty and unique features. While glamour photography is about being sensual, this is one small component and the overall idea is to create an image that highlights and shows off the models best and most interesting features in a beautiful way.

At Dreamlife Photos & Videos we have helped many of our clients create spectacular glamour photography. Our professional portrait photographers can help you indulge and show off your best side. To view some examples of our favourite glamour photography shoots visit us at Dreamlife Photos & Video and have a look at our online portrait gallery.

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