Give yourself lots of time on your wedding day. One of the greatest problems photographers have is arriving at the bride’s home to take the critical pre-wedding shots and find that everyone is still in make-up.If this happensand the make up artist is running late make sure the bride is finished before the bridesmaids.

Hair and Makeup
Avoid lipstick that is too dark. It makes lips look thin, which is not flattering and it looks particularly bad in photographs.

This should be the happiest day in your life. If something goes wrong don’t let it spoil your wedding. If your hair isn’t exactly right or the wedding cars are late forget about it and no one will notice. This is your day – if you are in a bad mood, no matter how great an actor you are, it will show up on your face in all of your photos.

Pre wedding at home bridal shoot
Try and ensure that there is a place in the bride’s home, which has a reasonable amount of natural light to enable the wedding photos to be taken. Also the bed should have a plain cover, preferably white, something very simple, which is good for beauty shots.

Bride and Bridesmaids
Avoid wearing a bra in the morning as you could end up with red marks from the straps and this won’t look good in a strapless wedding dress or bridesmaid dress. Avoid tan marks on your shoulders too. Keep out of the sun in the lead up to the wedding and book in for a professional spray tan.

The Groom and Groomsmen
No bulges please!! Don’t put anything in the pockets of trousers including mobile phones, wallets and socks. They can make for unusual bulges and will show up in photos!

Make sure that no one in the bridal party including mums, grandmothers, great uncles, have plastic bags where they carry items for the wedding. There is nothing worse than a big red Myer Sale bag appearing in all the wedding photos. That also includes the green Woolworths eco bags.

Try and have the ushers or groomsmen inform the congregation members (particularly those who are along the aisle) not to block the aisle when the bride enters and the couple leave, You don’t want your photographer getting stuck in the queue for the exit and miss key moments.

Article Courtesy of I-Do.com.au

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