Want to become a wedding photographer in Melbourne? Or maybe your dreams lie in starting a career in portrait photography in Brisbane? Breaking into the field of professional photography is definitely challenging but it’s not impossible. Here are some quick tips to help you get started.

Needless to say, a passion for photography is a must if you want a career in photography. But in addition to passion, you must know your basics very well. A photography course at university or TAFE is often a good starting point.

However, experience is also very important for any job but in photography, even more so. Proving to future clients you have experience is important – especially experience relevant to your chosen photography specialisation. So if you want a career in family photography in Brisbane, make sure you hone your skills and have some family photography sample shots to show your clients or future employers.

A portfolio showcasing your work is absolutely essential for a career behind the lens. A web portfolio is the easiest way to show off your skills. Start your own website or blog or if you prefer, you can upload your photos to a site like Flickr too. This is the easiest way to show future employers what you are capable of.

Breaking into the industry is tough at the beginning so put your networking skills to use to gain some exposure. Try to find contacts who might help you gain some experience in the industry. Entering in photography competitions or submitting photos to a stock photo site is also a good start for some exposure.

Finally, learning first hand from an experienced photographer is always helpful. Try to find some work experience or mentoring opportunities with photography studios, like Dreamlife Photos & Video, where you can learn the ropes, especially if you are interested in wedding or portrait photography.

Dreamlife Photos and Video is a photography studio specialising in professional portrait photography in Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and surrounding areas. Their specialty areas also include wedding, and portrait and family photography – helping to create cherished memories with their professional trained photographers capturing every special moment with skill and precision.

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