Christmas is all about spending time with your family and celebrating what you believe in. It is also a great time to take a family portrait. With the beautiful Australian weather at its peak, an easy theme to follow and the need for simple, affordable presents for family and friends, December is the perfect time to get those happy snaps. If you are looking for a family portrait photographer in the Brisbane area, then Dreamlife Photos & Video can help.

At Dreamlife Photos & Video, we work hard to deliver high quality photography at an affordable price. Equipped with state of the art technology, extensive knowledge of photography and composition and a friendly attitude, we can help you create beautiful Christmas photos to hang on your wall or give to family and friends. Our portrait photography can be completed in one of our studios, or we can meet you at a suitable location.

One way Dreamlife Photos & Video can help you create a stunning photo is by offering advice on location and clothing. One good tip is to coordinate your clothing. Although you don’t want everyone to be wearing exactly the same thing, something like a similar colour scheme is a good idea. Try choosing neutral colours with one or two complimentary colours running between them.

Family Photography

Another thing to consider is the location. Do you want to have it in your own home? Or perhaps there is a park or beach you always host a barbecue at over Christmas? Or maybe you want a little help from your photographer? Whatever it is, think hard about your decision and choose based on your family’s style as well as what you think would look good in a photo.

It is also important to choose the right professional portrait photography company for the job. While one factor in this decision is cost, this should be towards the bottom of your list, with creativity, a portfolio that interests you and the ability to leave the studio for the shoot coming first.

Dreamlife Photos & Video ticks all the boxes for family photography in Brisbane. Contact our studio in Brisbane to discuss how a professional Dreamlife portrait photographer can assist you this Christmas.

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