Dreamlife Photos & Video is a wedding photography studio based in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Dreamlife Photos & Video hires only the best professional photographers and uses state-of-the-art technology to make your photos last a lifetime. You can even discuss with Dreamlife Photos & Video having a number of effects added to your photos with high quality editing programs so your photos can be themed or changed to your liking. Below are just some of the effects available from Dreamlife Photos & Video.

    1. Black and white 

    One of the most classic options, black and white can make a photo seem deeper, like it has more emotion. It can also define certain things or make everything look the same. It is good for when you have a set of photos you want to link together or when you want to point out a particular aspect in a photo.

    Wedding Photography2. Sepia

    Sepia toned photos often add age to an image. It is a tan or brownish tint that makes a photo look like an antique. It is popular for wedding photos as it makes the image seem ageless, like it will last through time, which is a popular sentiment for newlyweds. It often washes out a lot of colour, making it popular if you want to limit the colours without getting rid of them altogether and going for black and white.

    3. Cross processed

    Cross processing a photo is where the processing of one type of film is deliberately put into the chemical solution for another type of film. This can also be achieved with a photo editing program. It leaves a tinge of colour like blue, red or green that appears to seep into the photo. This can have an interesting, high contrast effect on photos, popular for more modern shots.

    4. Sky filter

    A sky filter is a little self-explanatory, it alters the colours in the sky or background of an image. It is a colour correction filter that makes the colours in the background and some of the foreground appear stronger and brighter. This make the photo seem more colourful. Sky filters are popular when you don’t want the photo to be too different, but still want it fixed up a little.

Choose Dreamlife Photos & Video for your wedding photography. Dreamlife Photos & Video also offer professional family and portrait photography in Brisbane and beyond. For more information take a look at Dreamlife Photography’s contact page online and fill out the online form or call one of the Dreamlife offices.

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