Easter is a time of celebration. It is all about new life and new beginnings. From little baby chickens and bunnies to chocolate eggs and wooden baskets, Easter represents new life and the sweet, crisp feel of the outdoors. If you have just had your little bundle of joy, this holiday is the perfect time to get some portrait photography done in an Easter theme.

Dreamlife Photos & Video is a premier photography company with portrait photography studies situated in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane. Dreamlife Photography prides itself on beautiful photos of families and their children, with a special “Growing Up” package specifically for portrait photography of your newest family member.

An Easter theme for your child’s portrait photography will not only look cute, but will also hold a lot of meaning. Connotations like new life, the outdoors and babies are linked heavily with Easter. For the photo set, you could do something classic and classy, like placing your child in a wicker basket, or something a little more unusual like dressing them in a chick outfit or setting them inside an egg, with their upper body “hatching” out of it. The photography should also feature colours like pale yellow, cream and baby blue.

Easter is also a great time to get some family portraits. The outdoorsy feel and good weather are great for a portrait photography session and with the expertise and flexibility of Dreamlife Photography’s highly skilled professional portrait photographers, the resulting photos will stay on your walls for many years to come.

So, this Easter, why not schedule some family portrait photography from Dreamlife Photos & Video? Contact our wedding and portrait photography studios in Sydney, Melbourne or Brisbane to discuss how a professional Dreamlife wedding photographer can assist you.

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