Whether it is your first year of marriage or your 25th, marking milestones is always important. They are a time to show your love and celebrate your union. You may have a dinner with friends or a barbecue party at your place, sharing the love with friends and family or keeping it intimate between you and your other half. Make those moments last forever by capturing them on film.

Dreamlife Photos & Video are a wedding and portrait photography company with studios in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. Offering spectacular photos for any special event, from graduation ceremonies and milestone birthdays to weddings and anniversaries, Dreamlife Photos & Video use state-of-the-art technology, talent and experience to preserve your special moment through photography and film.

If you want Dreamlife Photos & Video to follow your anniversary event, their expert photographers can record the day without intruding or help you choose the right location and pose to create a beautiful photo. Dreamlife Photos & Video can also record the event on film so you have a candid view of your special day. Whatever you are looking for, Dreamlife Photos & Video can help.

Dreamlife Photos & Video are happy to assist you with advice on décor and what will look good for your anniversary photos but will also give you free reign to enjoy your day. Dreamlife Photos & Video specialise in portrait photography in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and beyond. Look up Dreamlife Photos & Video online or visit one of our professional portrait photography studios in Brisbane, Sydney or Melbourne to find out more.

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