Most people know how to apply makeup for everyday outings like work or weekends outside, but getting you picture perfect for a professional photoshoot such as glamour photography or for your wedding day is a little more difficult, requiring a deft hand and a little more time. However, it isn’t a difficult skill to learn if you know the basics of applying makeup. See below to add a few tricks and techniques to your skill set.


A good foundation is essential to reducing shine and even your skin tone. There are even foundations formulated especially for photoshoots. Find one within your budget and apply it generously to reduce redness, reflections and other common skin problems that may show up on camera. Although it may feel odd, applying more than usual is a good idea.

Concealer and powder

Concealer is essential for clearing up the dark circles under sleep deprived eyes or covering up scars and colour imperfections. Concealers should be a couple of shades lighter than your skin. This can be put on before or after foundation. Powder will help seal the look and make your skin look flawless. Don’t be afraid to put a lot on in this kind of situation.

Eye makeup, blush and lip colour

Like everything else this should all be applied heavier than usual. Be careful not to paint yourself like a clown. If you don’t use makeup a lot, keep it simple or get a professional to help. The more natural you look the better it will translate onto film, unless the makeup is the star of the shoot. Blush should be minimal and eye or lip makeup ramped to the max. Choose either lips or eyes to focus on as both at once can be a little extreme.

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