A family portrait is a great way to capture your family at a happy moment. But not everyone enjoys having their picture taken. It can be hard to loosen up and forget a lense is being pointed in your face, whilst trying to look your best.

Family Photography

Dreamlife photographers specialise in making you feel comfortable in front of the camera and to help you enjoy the experience. Their studios offer a warm and comforting environment with a choice of backdrops and extensive, top of the range equipment. If you’d feel more comfortable being at home, Dreamlife photographers are happy to come to you and can set up a studio wherever convenient.

Feeling comfortable in front of the camera is a very important part of capturing a good picture. Dreamlife Photos & Videos have a whole range of accessories and props which can help improve your family photograph. Small woollen hats on a newborn make them look even cuter and soft cuddly toys will help keep the kids occupied. Props can also add visual interest to a portrait.

There are basic props which Dreamlife Photos & Video’s photographers might recommend using to give the photo more depth, such as chairs, benches, cushions and stools. Different backdrops can also help provide contrast with whatever the subject is wearing or even the colour of their eyes.

These are all things that a professional photographer can advise on, in order to get the very best from your family portrait. You are paying them for their professional service and their unique style, which will make your family portrait memorable.

Family photography in Brisbane is competitive, so it’s always important you research your photographers work before you book them. Ask to see their portfolio and find out what sort of props or accessories they can provide for your photo shoot. You might even have some ideas of your own as to how to add some individuality to your shots. Think about what sort of things your family like doing together and introduce a prop that represents that. Personalising the photo makes it more meaningful and means it will look completely different to anyone else’s.

The family cat or dog can help make a great picture and will help any nervous sitters take their mind off having their picture taken. A family portrait is a great keepsake and will capture the family for the rest of your lives.

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