Dreamlife Photos & Video’s Brisbane team celebrated in style at this year’s Christmas Party held at the Emporium Hotel Cocktail Lounge, Fortitude Valley, on Sunday 11th December. It was fantastic to see everyone arriving with either their partners or friends, dressed in their finest ready to enjoy themselves with colleagues that we don’t always get a chance to see outside of client’s weddings.

The evening was kicked off by a great speech by our own Andy Song, thanking all those in the team (photographers, videographers and office team members) for their contributions, hard work and attention to detail on the job. Whilst Andy’s speeches are never long winded, his address was touched with his own personal sense of humour which thank goodness everyone enjoyed and ensured the night started on the right note with a few giggles! It was lovely that each person & guest individually was acknowledged for participating in the pre-Christmas frivolity & helping to create a great atmosphere.

As if the amazing hors d’oeuvres & free flowing champagne wasn’t enough to get everyone in the mood, comedian Rob Brown was brought in to entertain and amuse us. For those unfamiliar with Rob Brown feel free to check out his guest appearances on The Footy Show via YouTube, to say he is one funny man would be putting it reasonably lightly! Though roasting the host is often the easiest way to get a laugh Rob focused his jokes around the silly season and his own personal views on life.

Whilst working in a photography studio it is a strange but accurate fact that not many like to be on the other side of a camera so a big thanks to Matt Bai our resident Michelangelo with a camera for capturing many photos on the night and Gabriel Kaszab for playing Spielberg so that we can relive the many laughs over & over again. Not sure how this years’ party will be topped in 2012 but I certainly look forward to spending more time with the Dreamlife Team.

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